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Finnabair Metal Frame Rusty Pot

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Your imagination will be in creative overload when you think about all the different pieces or mediums that you can add to this piece! You can add Prima's mixed media mediums, decoupage, flowers, stains, waxes, paper, mechanicals, trinkets, moulds, and the list can just go on! Your creativity for sure will be taken to new heights as you add all kinds of embellishments to create your very own masterpiece!

Here's something fun you can try too, add a tealight to the inside to light up all your creative work. Just think of what a cute centerpiece this would make on your dinner table, everyone that visits for dinner will be stunned that you created such a work-of-art.

Get started on putting together your next creative piece and grab what you need to give the Rusty Pot a finished look, we're sure you'll have hours of creative fun making something you'll be proud of.